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Vaccinium Nocturne Blueberry

Vaccinium 'Nocturne' Blueberry

Sugary, midnight-dark berries

Trade Gallon (3qt)
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The plump, sweet berries of 'Nocturne' are as ornamental as they are delicious. Part of this hybrid shrub's appeal is the striking contrast between its unripened mango red berries and its clusters of mature inky black berries. Boasting a northern highbush growth habit, this shrub bears fruit in late season.

Boasting extreme cold-hardiness, this variety is perfect for northern gardens. While 'Nocturne' is self-fertile, planting it near other blueberries helps promote cross-pollination and results in heavier yields. Berries may be harvested late in summer and while they are not quite firm enough to tolerate storage or shipping, they are great fresh and make an excellent addition to your breakfast cereal and baked treats. Try 'Nocturne' in your garden today.