Vegetable Collection Seeds

Garden like a pro

New to gardening? Not sure what to grow this year? Take some of the guesswork out of gardening with our vegetable collections. They contain some of our favorite varieties, and we’re sure they’ll become some of your preferred varieties, too.

Park’s Whopper Collection is not to be missed. It contains four Whopper classics. And just as the name suggests, these are some of the biggest and best that Park offers. The fruits are great tasting, and the plants are high yielding and disease resistant. You simply can’t go wrong with this one.

Looking for the ultimate in nutrition? You can’t beat sprouts for that. They’re so easy to grow. A “crop” is ready in just a few days, and if you start new sprouts every day, they’ll deliver their nutritious nuggets continuously, with fresh sprouts year-round.

And we have many more, including specialty collections, sampler packs, and a 3 Sisters combo—the synergistic trio that’s been a garden staple for centuries.

So even if you’re new to gardening, these veggie collections will have you gardening like a pro.