Vegetable Garden Complete Drip Kit

Vegetable Garden Complete Drip Kit

Automate Your Garden Watering

100 Feet Tan
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The Vegetable Garden Drip Kit is ideal for watering vegetable and row gardens of any kind. This kit is simple to install and easy to maintain. Once its set up, all you have to do is turn on the hose and all your vegetables will get watered at once! And if you combine with the 'Mister Timer for Micro-Sprays and Drip Irrigation', you can get the irrigation to happen all on its own!

Everything is in the box! All you need in addition to this kit is about 45 minutes and a pair of scissors. Connect the system to any outdoor faucet, run the ½ inch Poly main-line to your garden, then connect the ¼-inch In-Line Drip Tubing. It really is that simple.

½ gallon-per-hour drippers are molded into the ½ inch drip tubing every 12 inches. A 25 PSI Regulator has been included to reduce high water pressure and to help prevent blowouts. A 150 mesh screen Filter is also included to help keep your system running clear and free of debris. And for the most flexibility, On/Off Valves have been included so individual rows can be controlled independently.When the vegetable plants in one row have stopped producing, that single row can be turned off to save water.

This Kit is the perfect solution for vegetable and row garden watering. Waters up to 100 linear feet of garden. Expand your system by adding up to three additional Vegetable Garden Drip Kits or three additional rolls of ¼-inch In-Line Drip Tubing for a total of 400 linear feet of irrigation. Growing your own fresh vegetables has never been easier.

Note: Due to flow limitations, the maximum functional length for a line of ¼-inch In-Line Drip Tubing is 33 feet.

All parts of this kit proudly made in the USA.