Vegetable Seed Tapes

Make planting seeds easier than ever this season.

Seed tapes are an innovative tool for the gardener. Seed tape is a biodegradable material that has seeds embedded in the tape. The seeds are placed at the appropriate distance apart for that variety of vegetable. Each tape is five feet long, and there are three tapes in each package. The tape can be cut to the length you want for your garden. To plant your seed tape, simply place the tape where you want and cover with the appropriate amount of soil. That is it! It really is that easy to use your seed tapes. The tape will dissolve as the seeds germinate.

One of the first vegetable seed tapes was a carrot seed tape. The carrot seed is quite small, and it can be difficult to sow at the appropriate spacing. The seed tape makes it all so easy, and it protects these smaller seeds when you water. No more spreading the seeds to the edge of your row or container. Seed tape holds the seeds right where you place them.

In addition to our carrot seed tape, there are many others now available. When facing the spring planting, the vegetable seed tapes can save the gardener a lot of time. They also are great when you are fighting the weather. It is sometimes difficult to get everything planted when fighting intermittent rain showers. Seed tape to the rescue!

Shop our favorite vegetable seed tapes which now include radishes, lettuce and onions, along with the carrots.