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Vegetable Seeds

Plant your vegetable seeds and enjoy them in your meals.

For over 150 years, Park Seed has sought to provide home gardeners with the best seed and gardening supplies available — and our vegetable seeds are no exception. In fact, we’re proud gardeners have trusted and chosen us through the years, generation after generation.

Our vegetable seeds are popular for a reason: They are non-GMO and organic. We never treat our seeds with chemicals or pesticides. We pride ourselves on our higher than industry standard germination rate which is proof of our high-quality seeds.

We offer the home gardener vegetable seeds and plants that contributed to the rich history of gardening, the heirloom variety of vegetable seeds, while also providing the newest varieties on the market. We have a great selection of organic seeds as well.

Our seeds will be shipped to you in vegetable seed packets appropriate to the vulnerability of the seeds. While most seeds are packaged in heavy paper envelopes, some are in foil packs and others will actually be shipped in a crush-proof vial. Your vegetable seed packet is full of information about the plants you are about to grow. The package will tell you the correct depth to plant and what is the optimal spacing. It will also tell you how long it takes for the vegetable seeds to germinate and how long before you can start to enjoy the vegetables from your home garden. Once you harvest them, you’ll never go back to store-bought vegetables. Their crisp, sweet flavors and endless varieties will be the perfect additions to your dinner table.