Vego Garden® 17-Inch 10 In 1 Modular Metal Raised Bed (White)

17-Inch 10 In 1 White
Item #29481


Customizable beds with award-winning functionality, beauty, and life expectancy

Yardzen's Annual Design Awards 2023

Create a garden to perfectly suit your needs with Vego Garden modular raised garden beds. This innovative, easy-to-assemble kit uses standardized, interchangeable panels that can be configured into your desired shape, so you can get the most out of the space you have and grow whatever you want—veggies, flowers, herbs, succulents, etc.—wherever you want—even on a compacted, barren plot of land.

Vego Garden panels are made of highly corrosion-resistant steel substrate, hot-dip-coated in a revolutionary specialized layer of zinc, aluminum, and magnesium called Aluzinc, which forms a durable, long-lasting protective film that makes the panels twice as hard as regular galvanized steel and 5x harder than wood or plastic. In addition, Aluzinc makes the panels exceptionally impervious to rust and corrosion under all environmental conditions, including high heat, humidity, alkaline, acidic, and ammonia environments, giving these panels a life expectancy of 20+ years. The 100% recyclable and non-toxic, eco-friendly panels are also covered in USDA certified, food-grade agriculture paint. They leach no metals, chemicals, or toxins into soils.

And with a raised garden you can customize your soil mix. No more hard, unyielding, poorly draining soils. You have complete control of the texture, composition, and quality of the soil used. And you won't have to worry about contaminants, like the heavy metals sometimes found in ground soils, especially in urban areas. Soils are kept clean and suitable for organic gardening.

Soil in raised beds warms earlier in spring too, giving you a longer growing season; and compared with wooden, concrete, and dark plastic beds, Vego Garden Raised Beds have superior heat reflection, so soil maintains a more stable temperature throughout the season.

All in all, plants grown in raised gardens tend to develop stronger, deeper, more extensive roots and, in turn, produce healthier crops and heavier yields.

These high-quality gardening systems are also beautifully designed—with safety in mind. They have rounded corners, rolled top edges, and heavy-duty rubber safety edging, creating a handsome aesthetic while being kid and pet friendly. And the taller height gives better access, making gardens easier to install and maintain. You'll not only have fewer weeds to deal with but also fewer slugs and pests. And when gardening is easier and more productive, it's not only more rewarding but also more fun!


Corner Panels: 4
Side Panels: 8
Sets of Hardware: 72
Bracing Rods 4ft: 2
Safety Edging: 1


10 possible configurations
Assembly time: 50 minutes


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Item Form Accessories
Color White
Size 17-Inch 10 In 1
Height 17 in
Additional Characteristics Award Winner
Occasion All Occasion, Summer Gifts
Recipient Father, For Her, For Him, Gifts for Gardeners, Mother
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Canada, Alaska, Guam, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands

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