Venting Double Coldframe

Venting Double Coldframe

Assembles in a snap!

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At long last, the coldframe you've been waiting for: easy to assemble; very durable even in rough weather; and large enough to overwinter all your tender plants, extend the fall garden past first frost, and even begin the spring garden early!

Made by the same folks responsible for our popular Snap & Grow hobby greenhouse, this double coldframe is constructed of corrosion-resistant aluminum and clear, sparkling rigid polyprophylene. It assembles in minutes (instructions included, though you scarcely need 'em!) and lasts for years.

The Double Coldframe measures 21 inches high, 42 inches wide, and 42 inches deep. Polycarbonate roof panels can be left open or closed for optimal ventilation, and let in plenty of sunshine to help your plants grow even when the temperature is too cold to expose them to the elements. The roof is made of SnapGlas™ glazing panels, the same superb material used in the larger greenhouse. This coldframe looks good as well as performing beautifully!

If you like this coldframe but don't need quite as much space, consider the single model in the same series. Whatever your overwintering needs, large or small, we've got you covered!