Verbena EnduraScape™ (pack of 3)

Verbena EnduraScape™ (pack of 3)

Magnificent Summer-long Color!

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Mild Zones and South 6-11
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This member of the popular EnduraScape™ family boasts a profusion of cool violet-blue blooms that grace the garden from late spring well into autumn. Blue is a rare shade in the gardening world, so these dazzling flower will be a surefire standout in beds, borders, and containers. Butterflies and hummingbirds will flock to them as well!

EnduraScape™ Blue Improved is a healthy and vigorous plant that has exceptional powdery mildew resistance and flourishes even in harsh summer heat and drought conditions. Yet as tolerant of hot, humid weather as it is, this Verbena is also exceptionally cold-hardy as well. In warm climates, it overwinters, then reblooms in spring! It's the only annual Verbena we know with this level of both heat and cold tolerance!

The blooms are really lovely: big rounded nosegays of small florets, packed with color and staying power. Cut them for small bouquets on the breakfast table or desk! Like most Verbena, this one is a fine companion to Roses, making a good groundcover that hides the legginess of hybrid teas and floribundas. It scrambles around neighboring plants nicely, filling in the space with competing.

Of course, EnduraScape™ is also a good candidate for hanging baskets and tall planters, thanks to its spreading habit. Expect this annual to reach just 8 to 12 inches high but to spread up to 2 feet wide (or long, depending on how you're growing it!) It covers ground quickly in the sunny annual bed, along the driveway, in street islands, and on bare slopes and banks, but it's also a powerhouse in containers of all kinds.

Give this sensational annual full sunlight and prepare to be astounded by its powerful presence! Contains three 4-inch pots.

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