Verbena Lanai® Candy Cane

Verbena Lanai® Candy Cane

A Trailing Annual Verbena with Bold Striped Blooms!

Everyone who sees this trailing Verbena is forced to smile -- there's just no way around it! The blooms are so merry, with their red stripes on a white background. And they are profuse, bringing butterflies and bees on the wing, catching the eye even from way across the garden, and continuing from late spring through summer and even into fall. Whether you use Lanai® in the annual bed as a ground cover or in a container, it is certain to delight!

The definition of "low maintenance," this annual plant is vigorous and early blooming, determined to take off early and just keep going until the first cold chill of fall slows it down. The flowers arise in big, rounded clusters, so a single snip of a stem brings you a miniature bouquet, perfect and brightly colored. Pollinators adore the blooms as much as we do, so expect bees, butterflies, and even hummingbirds to pay Lanai® Candy Cane a visit!

The Lanai® series of Verbena is renowned for its heat tolerance. This is the one that will stay fresh and perky, even though other Verbenas may be droopy and withering by mid-August. Water and feed it regularly for best flowering, of course, but don't worry if the temperature climbs and the rainfall drops. Candy Cane can take it!

This trailing plant reaches just 6 to 10 inches high, but will trail or spread anywhere from 20 to 24 inches long (or wide, depending upon whether it takes off horizontally or vertically!). The foliage stays fresh and attractive as well, and Verbena is generally left alone by nibbling visitors to the garden. That makes it a good choice for open meadow settings as well as the patio, porch, and deck!

Each pot contains one plant. Includes three 4-inch pots.

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