Viburnum All that Glitters®

Viburnum All that Glitters®

Birds Love It -- So Will You!

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The native Arrowwood Viburnum has never looked so chic! Slimmed down to half the size of the species and boasting masses of beautiful blooms as well as berries, this handsome shrub is the perfect addition to your foundation, border, driveway planting, and more!

All that Glitters® is just 4 to 5 feet high and wide, a deciduous shrub with very attractive, glossy dark green leaves. Bushy and dense, it looks great even before the silvery-white blooms begin in early summer. They last for several weeks, looking like a summer snowfall among the shiny leaves. Then, if you have planted All that Glitters® near its pollinator All that Glows®, masses of small, round blue berries will appear, delicious to the birds and lasting right through fall and into winter in most climates! Talk about multiseason interest!

Butterflies and bees adore the blooms and songbirds feast on the fruit, making All that Glitters® a wonderful pollinator attractant. It's the same size and color as All that Glows®, so the two work as a pair in any sunny to partly shaded landscape.

Resistant to most pests and diseases, this native shrub thrives even in poorly drained and heavy soils. Deer leave it alone, and it needs little attention from you to continue to bloom and fruit for many years to come.

You are going to love this Arrowwood Viburnum in your permanent landscape. For best fruiting, remember to plant it near of All that Glitters®! Zones 4-8.