Viburnum All that Glows®

Viburnum All that Glows®

Flowers, Berries, and Brilliant Foliage!

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Everything about this compact Arrowwood Viburnum is delightful: its size, of course -- nearly half that of other V. dentatum selections! -- and its ultra-glossy, neatly toothed dark green leaves. Oh, and those big creamy blooms in early spring. And then there are all those blue berries, that last for months and bring songbirds on the wing into your garden! It's an embarrassment of riches, and you'll love every minute of it!

The show begins in spring, when new foliage emerges on this densely branched deciduous shrub. The leaves are elegantly veined and symmetrically notched, and so glossy they almost looked shellacked! All that Glows® reaches only 4 to 5 feet high and wide, and every inch is clothed in bright green!

And then the blooms arise in early summer. Creamy-white and held in rounded, popcorn-like clusters 4 to 5 inches wide, they are unbelievably profuse. Butterflies and bees notice them immediately, and begin fluttering in. The flowers persist for weeks, only to be followed by the long-lasting beauty of blue berries, ¼-inch round and irresistible to birds.

Now, one note about the berries. They will only appear if All that Glows® is planted near its pollinator, Viburnum All that Glitters®. This gives you an excuse to plant another Arrowwood Viburnum in the garden!

Resistant to most pests and diseases, this native shrub is the definition of "carefree," thriving even in poorly drained soils. In the wild it is most often found in high understory woodland settings, but it takes full sun almost everywhere too. Whether your soil is sand, loam, or clay, you will find it growing happily.

And when the leaves of this deciduous shrub fall for winter, some berries still remain, along with a dense twiggy structure that you will enjoy in silhouette until spring arrives again.

We cannot overstate the merits of this native American shrub. It has been around a long time in this land, and it knows how to make itself at home. You will treasure its ease of growth and changing beauty season after season. For best fruiting, remember to plant it near of All that Glitters®! Zones 4-8.