Kilimanjaro Sunrise Viburnum

Kilimanjaro Sunrise Viburnum

Beautiful in Every Season!

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Has there ever been a more beautiful Japanese Snowball? This magnificent shrub covers itself in pink-tinged white lacecap blooms for many weeks in late spring and early summer, held on elegant horizontally tiered branches. The flowers are followed by shiny red berries that eventually turn black, and the soft green leaves blaze shades of gold and orange before dropping for winter. Stunning in every season!

Kilimanjaro Sunrise reaches about 10 feet high and 6½ feet wide, a vigorous and trouble-free grower in full sun to part shade. This large tree was just made to be a specimen in the landscape, but also makes a fine backdrop to perennials and smaller shrubs in the border. It will stand out and steal the show wherever you plant it!

Winner of the Chelsea Plant of the Year in 2015 (awarded by the Royal Horticulture Society), Kilimanjaro Sunrise is just waiting to become the landmark of your garden. Start growing it this season! Zones 5-8.