Victorian Hanging Basket

Victorian Hanging Basket

Add Vintage Beauty to Patio, Deck, and Porch!

16 inch
Item # 35202
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Why settle for plain-old, plain-old when this lovely Victorian-style basket is available?! We fell in love with the hammered-bronze design details first, then came to admire the sheer toughness and weather resistance of the construction. You will love this hanginb basket wherever you choose to display it!

The construction is first-rate. Treated steel, resistant to rust and with UV inhibitors, keeps the basket sturdy and able to withstand the elements for many, many years. The hanging chain is included, and it can take heavy loads of soil and plants. This is the one you can plant even Surfinia Petunias in without fear of overloading it!

Hammered bronze is used for the detailing, which includes a lovely decorative top rim (which also helps the basket hold its shape). The attention to design is simply better in this basket than you will find in most others, and it's the kind of thing that you'll love looking at up close. Complementing any decor, this is a timeless accent.

The Victorian Hanging Basket includes a fitted coco matting liner, so you can just add the potting mix and your favorite plants. The liner is breathable, which helps the roots develop more strongly. It is removable, so you can re-use the basket time and time again. You'll wonder what you ever did before you had it!

This planter is available in two sizes:

14" Hanging Planter 14" Wide x 7.5" Deep

16" Hanging Planter 16" Wide x 8.5" Deep