Vinca Seeds

Adaptable, Versatile and Classically Beautiful

Vinca refers to several groups of flowering plants suitable for a number of applications. Vinca minor seeds (Common Periwinkle, Dwarf Periwinkle) and Vinca major seeds (Big-leaf Periwinkle) both make lovely, evergreen groundcovers. Catharanthus roseus (Madagascar Periwinkle) is an upright, flowering annual perfect for beds and containers in full sun. Known for their adaptability and low maintenance, they thrive in heat, humidity, drought, cold and poor soil, flaunting blooms in shades of white, rose, pink and red and flowering from spring to fall, depending on the variety. Most vinca flowers have a contrasting color “eye.” Bring out that color by choosing a companion flowering plant in the color of the eye. For instance, if you planted a white vinca flower with a red eye, pair it with a red zinnia or a red salvia.

Vinca flower, also known as periwinkle, is one of the most dependable and long-blooming flowers for your garden. Vinca is able to stand up to all types of adverse conditions and not only survive, but thrive. The brilliant flowers come in a wide range of colors that will fit in any garden. Many of the varieties we offer at Park Seed are prize winners. Start your vinca seeds indoors early and they will be ready to plant outdoors as soon as the danger of frost is past. Transplant your seedlings you grew with your vinca seeds into a pot to enjoy all summer. Then, bring the whole pot indoors in fall because vinca makes a great houseplant as well. You can also use the periwinkle perennial for an evergreen groundcover.

Vinca plants are one of the easiest care plants there is. Their heat and drought tolerance makes them invaluable as more areas of the country have to deal with those conditions. There’s nothing vinca can’t do!