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Vincents® Choice Sunflower Seeds

Vincent's® Choice Sunflower Seeds

Extend Your sunflower season

(P) Pkt of 25 seeds
Item # 52081-PK-P1
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No matter where you live, you can enjoy a full summer of Sunflowers with Vincent's® Choice! This exciting variety is nothing short of a breeding breakthrough, bringing you pollen-free blooms that face upward instead of nodding. Bright, eye-catching, and long-lasting, they are about to become your all-time favorite!

Unlike other Sunflowers, Vincent's® Choice is not dependent on a certain daylength (hours of sunlight) to grow and bloom. This means that you can start the seeds much earlier and continue them much later than other varieties. You may get somewhat smaller blooms at the beginning and end of the long summer season, but they will still come -- and if you live in a climate where summer can be brief, Vincent's® Choice will stretch it out magnificently for you!

These plants reach 5 feet high at the height of the season, with large blooms of bright gold around a rich brown eye. They almost look double-flowered, thanks to an extra circle of bright golden-yellow petals around the big center. And they are pollen-free, so you can cut them for the vase without worrying about making a mess. They grow with their heads facing up and out, instead of nodding like many other Sunflowers. So showy and bright!

Direct-sow the seed every week or two from spring (when the soil has warmed) through midsummer. You will keep fresh blooms coming all season! And give Vincent's® Choice a try in your Three Sisters Companion Planting, too. Its strong stem makes the perfect support for beans to climb!