Sunglow Fuseables® Viola Seeds

Sunglow Fuseables® Viola Seeds

Each pellet contains seeds of 2 varieties

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Meet a stunning Fuseables mix you will want as the star of your cool-season container garden. These two Horned Violets (Viola cornuta) from the compact, weather-tough Sorbet® series combine perfectly to create natural, effortless color for all your planters and hanging baskets. Glowing shades of yellow and gold with blue and purple "faces" as bold accents are the perfect way to keep the color coming all spring, fall, and even winter on your patio and deck.

Fuseables are multiseed pellets that sprout to create naturally dense, intermingled combination plantings. Each pellet contains several seeds of two varieties that look great together: for this Sunglow combination, it's Viola Sorbet® Midnight Glow and Lemon Chiffon. The result is a mounded, flower-filled, repeat-blooming container you will enjoy for months on end.

This packet of 10 multiseed pellets gives you enough seeds to grow four to ten 10-inch pots and baskets or three to four of the 12-inch size. Every pellet produces multiple plants, so you will fill the available space in your container in no time, and the two varieties will grow together rather than looking "placed."

Viola cornuta Sorbet® Midnight Glow is an exceptionally heat- and cold-tolerant variety with 1-inch blooms combining rich purple with deep blue, bright yellow, and black accents. Each flower sports a "face," complete with black whiskers. Sorbet® Lemon Chiffon is equally weather-tough, with masses of 1-inch blooms in shades of yellow ranging from rich cream to bright golden.

Just 6 inches high and up to 8 inches wide, these Violas are far more weather resistant and long-lasting than their cousin the Pansy. They stand up to light frosts, weather unseasonable heat and humidity, and repeat-bloom all season. In warm climates they can bloom from mid-fall (from a late summer sowing) right through winter and often into spring, or straight through spring and into early summer from a late-winter sowing.

Sunglow is a glorious burst of warm color for cool weather. The merry faces of Midnight Glow add just the right touch of blue and purple to make the yellow tones really pop, and the overall impression is of fresh, warm-toned beauty. Give this combo full sun to light shade, and keep it well watered and fed for best flowering over a long season (or two.)

For this combination, simply sow 1 to 3 pellets per 10-inch container, or 3 to 5 pellets per 12-inch. To germinate, do not cover the seeds (they need light to stimulate growth). Place them on top of the starting medium or Bio Sponge. They will sprout within 2 weeks, and take off from there. You will fall in love with Sunglow—and you will really appreciate its ease of sowing and growing.

Pkt is 10 fuseables multi-seeded pellets