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Viola/Alyssum Wine Cooler Fuseable Seeds

Viola/Alyssum Wine Cooler Fuseable Seeds

Create Instant Combo Plantings from a Single Pellet!

(P) Pkt of 10 seeds
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Have you tried Fuseables yet? These multiseed pellets are our favorite way to grow effortless combination plantings for containers of all kinds! Each pellet contains several seeds of two varieties that look great together: richly colored Viola Sorbet® Midnight Glow and fragrant Sweet Alyssum Clear Crystal Purple Shades! Together, these cool-season annuals create an unforgettable play of fragrance and color for spring, autumn, and even winter in some climates!

From a single packet of these pellets, you have enough seeds to grow ten 10-inch pots and baskets or three to four of the 12-inch size! Several seeds within each pellet will sprout, filling the space with these two varieties. It will look as though you carefully placed these plants in just the right position to show to best advantage -- but all you have to do is sow the multi-pellet, and let Nature take over from there!

Viola cornuta (Horned Violet) Sorbet® Midnight Glow is an exceptionally heat- and cold-tolerant variety with 1-inch blooms combining rich purple with deep blue, bright yellow, and black accents. Each flower sports a "face," complete with black whiskers. Just 6 inches high, this Viola is far more weather-resistant and long-lasting than its cousin the Pansy. These Violas don't mind a touch of frost, and repeat-bloom all season. In cooler climes they may even go through summer; in warmer, they can bloom from mid-fall right through winter and often into spring.

Lobularia maritima (Sweet Alyssum) Clear Crystal Purple Shades is a wonderfully fragrant trailing annual that fills the available space with its groundhugging habit, lush foliage, and abundant rounded blooms. Each cluster of flowers is a perfect little nosegay, sporting bright purple florets with a touch of silvery white. The blooms repeat all season, and the plant is so easy to grow! It can reach 8 inches high, but will generally stay smaller, spilling over the sides of your containers and tossing out new flowers freely all season.

Wine Cooler is a splendid combination of blues and purples, with plenty of bright accents and rich scent to liven up any deck, patio, or porch. Just sow one pellet per 10-inch pot, or up to 3 per 12-inch. To germinate, do not cover the seeds (they need light to stimulate growth). Place them on top of the starting medium or Bio Sponge. They will sprout within 2 weeks, and take off from there. Before you know it, you'll be admiring a rich mix of bright purple, deep blue, and electric yellow -- complete with sweet scent and charming whiskers! Pkt is 10 fuseable multi-seeded pellets.