Grape Vitis labrusca Himrod

Grape Vitis labrusca 'Himrod'

America's Favorite Grape and Raisin!

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Fast growing and robust, this sun-loving grapevine is a very high quality variety that is perfect for the kitchen garden. Its small, seedless fruits hang in dense, luminous yellow clusters and boast a satisfying sweetness that speaks for itself. Its green foliage is handsome with bold texture that really gives an ornamental boost to the landscape. Altogether, a glorious grape you shouldn't miss!

'Himrod' is excellent at providing some fast shade when trained to climb up trellises and arbors. The large, beautiful foliage (4 to 6 inches wide) is a soft shade of green and very abundant, creating a leafy glade in any sunny garden spot. Reaching 15 to 20 feet high and wide if left unchecked, this deciduous woody vine can also be trained smaller: prune it back in winter if desired.

'Himrod' produces its fruit in late summer, following a show of tiny but fragrant green flowers in late spring and early summer. The clusters average about 8 inches long and are simply packed with luminous globes of pale green, ripening to clear white and pale yellow. They are nearly seedless and make delicious fresh eating, as well as being a trusted source for the best raisins you will ever eat.

And this vine is a great pollinator magnet. Bees adore the flowers, as you might expect, and songbirds will sing for their supper if you let them get to the fruit. (Go ahead and share; there's plenty!) 'Himrod' is a selection of a native North American grapevine, left alone by nibbling deer and rabbits, with rough bark and a great tolerance for different soil types. It will grow fastest and best in rich loam, of course, but it tolerates some clay, sand, and poorly fertile types too. As a native species, it knows how to make itself at home!

Be sure to give 'Himrod' a sturdy support to climb. Arbors, pergolas, fences -- find something that can support these heavy, productive vines. Then get ready for many seasons of beauty and flavor! We highly recommend this fantastic grape! Zones 5-8.