Purple-leaf Grapevine

Purple-leaf Grapevine

Tiny Gourmet Fruit and Gorgeous Foliage!

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An edible ornamental you will fall in love with, this European grapevine is destined to become a talking point in your landscape! Whether you grow it for the ever-changing reddish foliage or the delicious grapes, do find a place for the Purple-leaf Grapevine this season!

Spring begins with the emergence of red-flushed green leaves, large and showy, all over this deciduous woody climber. As summer arrives, tiny greenish flowers, fragrant but insignificant, arise, bringing bees and butterflies on the wing! These become clusters of tiny grapes, which eventually mature to deep purple in autumn.

The foliage continues to change with the seasons. It may be almost solidly green in midsummer, but the red tones reappear as soon as the temperature begins to drop, and by fall the leaves are a fine burgundy-carmine-verimilion blend you will find yourself taking photos of every single day! (If you can site this vine so that it is backlit by the sun at some point during the day, the effect will really be amazing!) It drops for winter, but it's hard to miss it as you enjoy the rough, twisted, beautifully textured bark.

Expect Purple-leaf Grapevine to reach 15 to 30 feet high when mature (about 20 feet is the usual). It is just a few feet wide, but it really shoots up vertically. You can either leave it unpruned or give it a trim in winter to keep it smaller. The choice is yours!

This sun-loving vine is durable and quite waterwise, needing only light watering during the driest parts of the season. Pamper it during the first year or two, so that it finds its feet in your garden. Then let it go! And while it prefers well-drained soil, once established (second or third year) this vine can also tolerate clay and sandy soils. Allow your garden to ascend to new heights with the climbing beauty of this purple-leaf grapevine! You will be so glad you did. Zones 5-9.