Citrus Washington Navel Orange

Citrus 'Washington' Navel Orange

The ideal accent for patio, home, or garden!

It's the dream of many a northern gardener -- to enjoy the sweet fragrance and luscious fruit of an orange tree in their very own landscape. Well, this dwarf 'Washington' Navel Orange makes that a reality, with its dwarf evergreen habit (suitable for containers) and ease of culture!

You can grow this tree in the garden in zones 9-11, but for the rest of us, a container will be just fine. Set it outdoors from spring to frost, or give it the bright, direct sun of a big window. It will bring very fragrant white blooms and early-maturing, seedless fruit to your table year after year! For best results, remove the young fruit the first year, so the tree can concentrate its energy on strengthening the trunk and branching out. In subsequent years, the fruit will ripen about 7 to 10 months after the blooms appear. Easy to prune to desired shape, this is the perfect container tree! Six to eight feet tall, four to eight feet wide. Zones 9-10 in the garden; everywhere else in containers. Zones 9-11. Cannot ship to AZ, CA, FL, HI, LA, TX.

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