Colchicum Waterlily

Colchicum 'Waterlily'

The foliage doesn't show up 'til spring!

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Large, vividly colored 4- to 5-inch lavender-pink double flowers appear on leafless stems in mid-autumn on this splendid bulb. Known as Autumn Crocus, Colchicum delights with fall flowers, and Waterlily is a particularly beautiful double-flowered variety.

Colchicum is an interesting bulb. You plant it in fall, but in spring the only thing you get is foliage! Long after you've forgotten about it, the flowers literally burst open overnight -- in autumn, just when the garden floor needs some color!

No plant is easier to grow. You can force this bulb indoors by setting it on a bed of pebbles in a pan of shallow water, or plant it in the garden in autumn. Garden rodents and even deer will leave it alone -- the bulb is poisonous, and pests keep their distance!

These bright rosy-pink double blooms reach 4 to 5 inches wide, packed with long, slender petals. The flowers really do resemble a waterlily! No Colchicum is more lovely. Tuck the bulbs into your garden this autumn, and prepare to be delighted (and surprised!) next fall! Zones 5-8.