Watermelon Seeds

Grow this sweet and sticky summer treat.

Watermelon is a favorite summer food. What is a picnic or Fourth of July celebration without watermelon? Today, watermelons come in all sizes from the giant watermelons to a personal size watermelon for one. Don’t like seeds? We have seedless watermelon seeds to grow a seedless treat this summer.

Besides the sweet deliciousness of watermelon, it's very low in calories, making it the perfect, guilt-free treat. Eat slice after slice or in a favorite salad or drink.

Our watermelon seeds for sale are such a great purchase because watermelon is easy to grow. Get a head start by planting indoors and moving outside once the soil warms and there is no danger of frost. Did you know you can also grow watermelon vertically? All you have to do is pop up a trellis capable of holding watermelon weight and you’re ready to start growing your watermelon.