Watermelon Seeds

Watermelon — The perfect summer snack!

Watermelons are a favorite summer treat for many people because they are low-calorie, gluten-free and naturally sweet snacks. They’re a staple at Fourth of July cookouts, summer picnics and just about any time the weather is hot and you’re craving something deliciously refreshing.

There are many types of watermelons, ranging in size, rind appearance, flesh color and even seedless varieties. Some people enjoy watermelon with seeds and others prefer seedless, but we’ll leave that choice up to you. Rest assured, we have all the options covered with a variety of watermelon seeds for sale!

Don’t be intimidated by growing watermelons in your home garden because they are pretty easy to start and succeed with. Get a head start by planting indoors and moving outside once the soil warms and there is no danger of frost. You can also grow them vertically on a trellis that supports watermelon weight. Then — regardless of whether you’re going up or letting them sprawl — give your watermelons plenty of room to roam, water them regularly (but not too much) and wait patiently for those sweet, succulent fruits to mature.

Whether you’re growing your watermelons for your own enjoyment or plan to share them with friends and family, we hope you have a bountiful harvest! And remember — we have various watermelon seeds available whenever you need to restock for next season.