Wave Petunia Seeds

The Most Popular Petunia in America

The most popular, award-winning series of Petunias ever grown, Wave Petunias have transformed American gardens with their super fast-growing, luxuriant, easy-care beauty. These spreading, trailing Petunias bloom like crazy and grow incredibly fast (the original color, Purple, has been clocked at an astounding 2 inches per day, for a total of 5 feet of spread over the season!), and they are simply choked with flowers all summer and into fall. Until you've grown a Wave Petunia, you don't really know what the phrase "flower power" means!

Very easy to grow from seeds, Wave Petunias begin flowering at the first breath of hot summer weather and continue well into fall in mild and warm climates. They never need deadheading; the blooms self-clean neatly. Give them sunshine, water, and regular feedings of any good plant food, and they???re off!