Wedding Dress Groundcover Rose

Wedding Dress Groundcover Rose

Carpet your garden in clean, white blooms

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Noted for its beautiful color and low growth habit, Wedding Dress is ready to carpet your garden in beautiful blooms! The pointed, ovoid buds will open at the first sign of warm weather and reveal their beautiful white blooms with blush pink undertones. As for the spicy-sweet aroma, that's just a bonus!

Each bloom is about 2 inches in diameter, single-flowered and absolutely exquisite above the small, lush foliage. Wedding Dress is one of the most effective roses to use as a groundcover because its habit is dense, well-branched, and spreading. Expect it to reach 2 feet high and spread fully 3 feet wide. Great for the front of the border or foundation, a low hedge, or edging the driveway.

Wedding Dress blooms freely all summer, its flowers held wide open and facing the sun. The pink tinges are more pronounced when the blooms are new, adding a sweet note to the display. And this rose is highly adaptable, able to thrive in long hot summers and rough winters alike. Introduced by our friends at Jackson & Perkins in 2015, it has become an instant favorite.