Wedding Party Floribunda Rose

Wedding Party Floribunda Rose

Your Perfect Container Rose!

Looking a great rose to pop into that half-barrel or large tub? Wedding Party is ready to fill the bill! This petite floribunda explodes into bloom in late spring and repeats all summer, filling deck, balcony, patio, or garden with its soft color and spicy-clove aroma!

Wedding Party begins its floral show with pointed buds that slowly unfurl to reveal fully double, 3½-inch blooms packed with about 20 petals. The color is a rich lavender-pink, saturated and fade-resistant, that combines well with other garden hues and looks terrific in the vase.

And the fragrance just enhances the beauty of these blooms! Combining sweet and spicy notes, it evokes a clove-allspice-nutmeg blend with peppery undertones. There is nothing heavy or cloying about this aroma, so you can snip bouquets for indoor arrangements in home or office. Everyone loves this fragrance!

Wedding Party is equally suited to container or garden growth. Just 2½ feet high and 3 feet wide, it's a great patio rose, but also makes a nice foreground planting for taller roses (it hides their "bare legs"!), shrubs, and even perennials. Just give it well-drained, enriched soil, lots of sunshine, and regular feeding and watering all season. Years of beauty and pleasure await you from this glorious floribunda!