Weigela Shrubs

Fabulous foliage as well as beautiful blooms

The Weigela genus contains woody, deciduous flowering shrubs grown for their showy late spring to early summer flowers, with some varieties reflowering later in the season. Although red and pink blooms dominate the genus, white and yellow options are also available. No matter the color, the attractive flowers beckon to butterflies and hummingbirds. Often, the foliage rivals the flowers in beauty with interesting variegations and colors, ranging from green and gold to deep burgundy and purple, and some offering brilliant fall color.

Weigela is a small genus with approximately 10 or 12 species that grow from 1 to 10 feet tall. W. florida (old fashioned weigela) is one of the most popular due to its floriferous nature, but many hybrids offer appealing features. Easy to grow and low maintenance, weigelas perform best in moist, well-draining soil and full sun to light shade, but best flowering occurs in full sun. Dwarf weigelas naturally require no pruning and are great options for containers, but larger varieties may be pruned to maintain a desired size and shape. Any pruning should be done immediately after flowering, however, as they bloom on old wood. Weigelas are shown to best effect when mass planted. Popular foundation plants and staples for the shrub border, they are also a great option for a flowering hedge. The plants are generally disease free and deer resistant.