Narcissus Welcoming Trumpets Mix

Narcissus Welcoming Trumpets Mix

Pack of 10 colorful bulbs!

Pack of 10
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We know of no more beautiful way to welcome spring back into your garden than with this stunning blend of 3 premier Daffodil varieties! Welcoming Trumpets celebrates Nature's easiest bulb with the ideal mix of solid white, solid yellow, and white-and-yellow, all sporting wide, clear perianths (outer petals) and a long, elegant trumpet! Eager to naturalize over the years in your garden, this blend is certain become the focal point of your landscape.

Welcoming Trumpets contains premier Dutch bulbs, large and ready to establish in your sunny to partly shaded garden. Daffodils are perennial in hardiness zones 3 through 8, and over time they spread into larger and larger colonies. Give them well-worked, well-drained soil, and they will repay you with years of color.

In this blend you get 3 varieties, all with the same height and bloom time. Expect the flowers to arise on stems about 16 inches high in early to mid-spring, depending on your climate. Sweetly fragrant, they fill the garden with the promise of another glorious growing season underway!

The varieties in this collection are all trumpet daffodils, with a long, elegant central cup surrounded by wide outer petals called the perianth. Some will be solid white, others solid yellow, and still others both colors! Cut them for the vase or let them beautify the garden -- either way, the blooms will last for several weeks. When the flowers are spent, let their stems remain in the garden until they turn brown and fall over (this will take several weeks). During this post-flowering period, the bulb is actually storing all the nutrients it needs for another season of beauty. You may want to interplant your Daffodils with Daylilies, Irises, or other perennials to offer another season of color following the early spring triumph of the Daffodils!

Welcoming Trumpets is an economical and utterly lovely investment in the long-term landscape. The planting you make this fall -- even of just a few bulbs -- will repay you richly in years to come. Daffodils are left alone by deer and other nibbling creatures, and generally very disease-free. And no plant is easier! Add this low maintenance display to the garden this season! Zones 3-8.