Anemone Whirlwind

Anemone 'Whirlwind'

Fall Color for You and Nectar for Butterflies!

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In early autumn, just when the summer bloomers are passing and the garden is looking a bit down at heel, up spring the gorgeous daisies of Whirlwind! This Japanese Anemone is among the loveliest of all Windflowers, bringing much-needed late-season color to your sunny border and nectar to the pollinators still foraging for food! Even indoor arrangements benefit from the presence of these big, bright semi-double daisies!

The flowers earn their name with twisty petals that look as though they have just been ruffled by a breeze. Fully 3 inches wide, these flowers sport a nectar-filled central cone of bright yellow and masses of short, tightly held petals of pure snowy white. They stand out beautifully in the garden, particularly in late afternoon and early evening, when darker colors tend to fade. Plant Whirlwind near your garden benches and patio entertaining areas; they will outshine most other plants in the garden as day turns to night!

The blooms are held on long, wiry stems above the foliage. Ideal for cutting, they last a long time in garden and vase. And expect them to continue all season, especially if deadheaded promptly.

Whirlwind reaches 3 to 4 feet high in full bloom and spreads 2½ feet wide, a magnificent presence in the sunny border. Deer, rabbits, and other nibblers leave this plant alone, and it is one of the few that will tolerate damp or heavy soils. A hardy perennial, Whirlwind is a great succession planting for early- and midsummer bloomers that tend to pass by the time the chillier autumn weather arrives.

Site Whirlwind in full sun in northern climates, partial or dappled shade farther south and west. Zones 5-8.