White Knight Fringetree

White Knight Fringetree

Blooms at a Very Young Age

Fringetrees are the perfect trees for residential and street plantings. From its fragrant white flowers borne in airy, drooping clusters (4 inches long) in early spring to its wide shiny green leaves that turn golden-yellow in fall, it's a real showstopper! And once the weather turns cold, you'll have another wave of beauty, as the exfoliating gray-brown winter bark holds your interest until spring, when the whole wonderful display starts over again!

These trees need virtually no maintenance, and are spectacular when planted in groups, although they are also quite lovely as specimens in lawns or in shrub or woodland borders. Expect White Knight to reach between 10 and 15 feet high and wide.

Plant your Fringetree in average, medium-moisture, well-drained soil in full sun to part shade. Their best flowering, however, will be in full sun. This easy-care tree is great for urban settings as it is untroubled by pollution. It seldom needs pruning, has no serious problems with pests or diseases, and basically requires no special attention at all, but it does not do well in prolonged dry conditions.

This is a male plant, so it will set no messy fruit, concentrating all its energy on flowering profusely! Introduced by Alan Jones of Manor View Farm, it is a superb selection of the native species. Zones 4-9.