White Pine Double-wick Candle in Green Glass

White Pine Double-wick Candle in Green Glass

Fresh Piney Wood Scent from 2 Wicks!

12 oz. Green
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Evoke the scent of the woods after a soft rainfall with this beautiful double-wick candle in a green glass! Dependably burning for at least 85 hours, this lovely candle will perfume the home or office, wafting a soothing yet refreshing scent while adding soft candlelight to any gathering.

Lighting the two wicks on this beautiful candle releases a fragrance that is labeled as "white pine" but also includes notes of cedar, patchouli, fresh-cut grass, and even citrus. The scent is pervasive but never overwhelming, enhancing any setting. The spring-green glass glows ever more brightly as the two wicks burn, and makes an attractive piece of decor. Fully 12 ounces, it is long-lasting and complementary to almost any decor.

This scented candle makes a splendid gift. Keep several on hand as hostess gifts, and create instant ambiance that soothes and refreshes!