White Simplicity® Hedge Rose

White Simplicity® Hedge Rose

The Perfect Hedge for Day and Evening!

Create a glowing ribbon of color that keeps its snowy tones well into evening! One of the very best for any garden, White Simplicity® is a low maintenance, heavy blooming shrub that will keep your garden in color for months each year.

The Simplicity® series, developed by Jackson & Perkins, is renowned for its ease of growth, bushy habit, and generous bloom. Developed especially to be as low maintenance as possible, Simplicity® shrub are some of the easiest and most disease resistant roses of all time. These double white blooms, starred with a golden center that only reveals itself as the flowers begin to pass, release a light, sweet scent that perfumes the surrounding area. What a great choice near the deck or a conversation area of the garden!

White Simplicity® is quite vigorous, prepared to flower heavily early in the season, then repeat in flushes until the cooler weather of fall arrives. Dense and well-branched, the shrub looks good even when it isn't dotted with big white blossoms!

Give White Simplicity® plenty of sunshine, organically enriched soil, and excellent soil drainage. That's all you need for many years of beauty and fragrance. Create borders, hedges, and accent plantings with White Simplicity® and enjoy a lifetime of hassle-free beauty!