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Veronica Magic Show White Wands

Veronica Magic Show 'White Wands'

Fairytale shape and color!

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Bring on the magic with 'White Wands'! These intriguing flowers resemble the wand your fairy godmother, and they might just make all of your wishes come true!

Blooming from midsummer, the white spikes on 'White Wands' flowers' combine marvelously with brightly colored annuals. The white blooms create a spear shape, tapering at the top for a more fantastical look.

The medium-green foliage is also complementary to many flowers and plants, serving as ideal background to the white spikes. The leaves are much more disease resistant than older Speedwells.

The beautiful cream and green colors attract bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds, and they continue to come back as they crave the sweet nectar.

Reaching about 16 inches tall, 'White Wands' are great for backing up your low-growing perennials, and look gorgeous in front of shrubs. This new introduction, part of the Magic Show ® Collection, provides exceptional versatility. It shines when planted in a combination container near the front of a flower border.

Though it needs consistent, average amounts of water, the Speedwell is durable and relatively free of maintenance requirements. It prefers full sun, but adapts to partial shade. It grows in neutral, acidic, and alkaline soils and displays well in combination containers.