Whitewater Speedwell

Whitewater Speedwell

Reblooms All the Way to Frost!

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Plant Patent #22,783

Whitewater is a year-round delight in the garden. A white-flowered sport of the popular V. 'Waterperry Blue,' this divine groundcover covers itself in ½-inch flowers in spring, with occasional latecomers appearing on wiry stems all the way to frost! A good filler plant that meanders gently around its neighbors without becoming invasive, Whitewater complements every other color in the garden.

Forming a low, dense carpet of color, the foliage is dark green and very healthy, left alone by nibbling animals (even deer!) and free of diseases. It will turn rich shades of bronze and burgundy in winter, remaining evergreen in mild and warm climates. Showy even in the heart of January!

Whitewater was introduced by Jim Watcher at Elite Growers of Illinois. We are proud to offer this unusual white-flowered selection, which reaches just 4 to 6 inches high but spreads up to 18 inches the very first season. Eventually extending to 2½ feet wide, it offers excellent coverage for the sunny to lightly shaded garden. Zones 4-7.