Wild Swan™ Windflower

Wild Swan™ Windflower

Award-Winning Anemone!

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This Japanese hybrid takes the desirable qualities of Anemone rupicola and augments them with an extended period of bloom that goes right up until frost. The subtle beauty and enhanced longevity of the blooms earned Wild Swan™ the Plant of the Year Award at the 2011 Chelsea Flower Show. If you plant Wild Swan™ in your own space, you will see that makes it so special. In the border it adds an elegant, meditative accent that could tie together a zen garden theme; in wooded areas it looks great planted en masse, complementing any cottage-style garden.

An ideal groundcover for partially shaded areas, Wild Swan™ blooms from June on to the first frost, combining delicate charm with extreme resilience. Its glistening white, cup-shaped blooms feature a stunning violet reverse to the petals. Measuring nearly 2" across, they appear singly on bare stems above dark green, divided leaves. And once the blossoms fade from atop the 18" stems, you're rewarded with fascinating white, woolly seed heads!

Wild Swan™ grows easily in average, medium-moisture, well-drained soil in part shade, even tolerating full shade. It spreads readily in loose soils (less so in clay soils), making an ideal under-planting for perennials such as Asiatic Lilies. It's perfect for naturalized areas or wild gardens, and its charming blooms make wonderful additions to cutflower arrangements. Also known as Snowdrop anemone or Snowdrop windflower, this adaptable little plant tends to be undesirable to deer, meaning it's likely to reach its full lovely potential in the shady garden! Zones 5 to 9.