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Whether you're interested in brewing your own beer or are simply a fan of fast-growing, fragrant, heavy-flowering vines, Willamette is the classic name in American hops, and should become part of your garden this season.

This long-lived perennial climber can reach 20 feet long and 10 feet wide in a single season, covering itself with large, lush dark green foliage and scrambling along the ground or growing up screens, trellises, or other support.

Willamette produces masses and masses of yellow to lime-green cone-shaped flowers in late summer and early fall. They have a papery consistency, a spicy aroma, and look as good as they eventually taste when you use them to brew beer. These butterfly-attracting blooms can also be used, along with various herbs, as an addition to pillows -- many people use hops as part of aromatherapy.

Set Willamette in full sun to partial shade in moist, organically rich soil. Since it is such a vigorous climber, you will need to provide a strong support structure. Other than that, just give it regular water and it will produce for many seasons to come! Zones 4-9.