Winter Thriller™ Mix Lenten Rose (Pack of 6)

Winter Thriller™ Mix Lenten Rose (Pack of 6)

The big, outward-facing blooms grow on strong stems as thick as pencils!

Pack of 6
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Lime, Violet, White, Red, Buttery Yellow--you get a little bit of everything with this sophisticated mix! This strain incorporates a wide variety of colors. Each plant will produce just one of these colors, so be sure to order multiples: the more plants you order, the greater your color variety will be! The big, outward-facing single (and occasionally double) blooms grow on strong stems as thick as pencils.

Like all Helleborus, this mix requires some shade and appreciates evenly moist, well-drained soil rich in organic matter. It will tolerate clay soil, and in the cooler zones will tolerate more sun. Water frequently until the plants become established, after which they become more drought tolerant and only need constant moisture in exceptionally dry, hot weather. A year-round mulch helps to keep the roots moist. The evergreen foliage keeps its beauty all year, especially since it generally goes un-nibbled by pests like deer: an especially important quality if you intend to grow it in a wooded area!

Helleborus readily seeds, slowly expanding its colorful shade empire. In the summer you should pull any of these seedlings that you do not want (these may not come true to their parentage), and transplant the rest into their permanent spots. Once established, Helleborus resent having their roots disturbed, so you should only divide them when necessary, and you should avoid division by spacing them properly in the first place. Zones 4 to 8.