Womens Celebration Hybrid Tea Rose

Women's Celebration Hybrid Tea Rose

A rose to celebrate women and their accomplishments.

Bareroot Budded
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We are thrilled to release this beautiful new rose to honor women and all of their accomplishments over time. Bred by expert hybridizer Keith Zary, this rose boasts beautiful blooms with petals that look like they have been hand-painted. The center of each bloom sparks joy with its sunny yellow hue as it fades to white and then completes the look with a bright pink tip. Each bloom can grow up to 4½-inches in diameter, creating a showstopping display.

A wonderful choice for a border plant or alongside other perennials, this hybrid tea will surely be a standout in the landscape. You will enjoy filling your vases with these blooms as they are perfect for cutting. Add this rose to your garden in honor of a strong woman in your life!

This rose has a good resistance to powdery mildew and rust. Each bloom emits a moderate sweet fragrance. Grow this rose in honor or memory of a strong woman in your life.