Wonderful Pomegranate Plant

Wonderful Pomegranate Plant

Flourishes anywhere from the moist seacoast to the blazing desert!

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Many scientific studies have touted the anti-oxidant benefits of pomegranates. This cultivar is called "Wonderful" for a good reason. Big crimson fruits ripen in late fall on this terrific overachiever. The finest quality, largest, and most highly colored of all pomegranates (and in this ornamental family, that's really saying something!), this wonderful plant grows quickly into an 8-foot bush. It thrives under just about any conditions, from windy, moist coastal settings to the still, dry, hot desert! he fruit of "Wonderful" is unsurpassed in size and vibrant color.

Site in a sheltered southern or eastern location (a walled patio is ideal). Fruit will set in all locations, but will open ripen and become edible in warm climates. Having delicious and indulgent pomegranates at your convenience is made easy with this plant. Needs well-drained soil. Cannot ship to AZ. "Wonderful" will do its best when it is grown in Zones 7-10.