WonderSoil™ Expanding Potting Mix

WonderSoil™ Expanding Potting Mix

Use with seeds, transplants, and mature plants!

5 lb
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Park gardeners are totally in love with WonderSoil™, and it's easy to see why! The little wafers expand to 14 times their original size, filling a 4-inch pot with no mess, fuss, or bulky bags of soil to keep up with. Well, now the easiest just got even easier -- WonderSoil™ Reground is a 5-pound bag of ground-up WonderSoil™ wafers you use in just the amount you need! When rehydrated, they swell up to about 10 times their original size , and they're good for everything from topping up a container plant you've just repotted to rooting cuttings!

WonderSoil™ is composed of coconut pith, Canadian peat, 10-10-10 nutrients, and a water-retaining polymer. To this, WonderSoil™ Reground adds Mycorrhizae, biosol, lime, gympsum, and kelp starter nutrients. This all-in-one growing medium for seeds and plants of all ages is a lightweight alternative to traditional potting mix sacks. 5-lb bag.