Work Gloves

Work Gloves

Durable and Long-lasting!

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Designed for comfort and long-lasting wear, these multi-purpose garden gloves are a must-have for anyone who gets out and gets busy in the garden. You will find yourself ordering a second pair after trying out Work Gloves for just a day or two!

As durable as they are useful, Work Gloves feature a padded synthetic suede palm that protects against thorns and other abrasive materials. The fingertips are reinforced, so when they begin to wear -- as they inevitably do for gardeners! -- there is plenty of backup material. And the back of the glove is constructed of stretchable nylon, letting you flex and extend to grasp large objects without straining the seams of the gloves.

Whether you're weeding or digging in the garden, moving large stones, raking leaves, or hauling brush, Work Gloves will keep your hands safe from harm and make your job a little bit easier by removing the immediate risk of abrasion. And if they get dirty, they can be machine washed and dried on low heat.

Work Gloves makea great gift for all your gardening friends, but most of all, they will become a permanent part of your gardening equipment.

Small: Fits glove sizes 6-6½, for petite and short-fingered hands.
Medium: Fits glove sizes 6½-8, for most hands.
Large: Fits glove sizes 8½-9Extra Large: Fits glove sizes 10-11.