Wrental House

Wrental House

Create an Inviting Home for Nesting Birds!

Natural wood
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Your birds will love this house so much that you might want to start charging them rent! This little house is perfect for wrens, and any other species of bird that needs a place to nest. Make it part of your landscape this season, and watch the birds discover it and turn it into their home!

Wrental House is constructed from beautiful, hand-oiled mahogany that creates a reinforced A-frame structure, durable and attractive. The roof is trimmed with copper, a nice little design feature that also serves to improve its water resistance over the course of its very long life.

A round entrance in the front of the house provides easy access for your feathered friends, and a removable rear panel makes the cleanup easier for you. This fine birdhouse also comes with a loop for hanging, or can be mounted easily on a tree trunk or post. Hang it near a window to get a first-row seat to watch the energetic birds come and go, fluttering around the house and perching in the front entrance!

You will love the Wrental House in your garden, and so will the birds who come to rely on it for safety and protection. It is a work of art, its copper accents aging to a natural patina. Made entirely in the USA, it meaures 10�" H x 6" D x 5" W.