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Canna Yara™  (pack of 3)

Canna Yara™ (pack of 3)

Super Flower Power, Modest Size!

Pack of 3
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For all of us who love Canna but do not have the space for a big, rangy plant, Yara™ is the solution! This dwarf is big on canary-yellow blooms, short on foliage, and the perfect space-saver for garden and patio container!

Yara™ blooms just as long and even more profusely than most others, beginning in early summer and continuing right into fall in most climates. The dark yellow petals are often starred with an orange tongue when young, becoming clear bright yellow with maturity. Like drops of sunshine for the garden!

The foliage is bushy and attractive, with numerous flowering stems on an upright, compact habit. Expect Yara™ to reach 18 to 24 inches high and to spread no more than 18 inches wide. It's the perfect size for containers, but also makes a big impact in the sunny annual bed or the front of the border.

This tender perennial is a tropical, not tolerant of frost, so it is only hardy through zone 8. But it grows very quickly, so if you live north of its range, just dig up the big rhizomes in fall, or grow Yara™ in a container you can move to a frost-free location in late fall. Nobody should be denied the pleasure of these gorgeous blooms and lush leaves!

Like all Cannas, Yara™ never met a watering can it didn't like. It also appreciates rich, compost-y soil and plenty of plant food. Feed and water it generously, douse it with sunshine, and reap the rewards of nonstop flowers for many months! Zones 8-11.