Yellow Long Neck Fig

Yellow Long Neck Fig

Delicious new fig!

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This large fig tree bears fruit to beautiful, bright, yellow figs that have a delicious sweet flavor like honey or agave and an amber flesh inside. This fig is self pollinating and grows to be about 4-8 feet in zones 7-10.

Figs are great snacks and are wonderful additions to multiple recipes! These are great for eating fresh off the plant or for making preserves! It is a consistent producer and the fruit ripens mid season. Large plants reach 10 feet tall x 12 feet wide. They have very large leaves!

Figs LOVE the sun! They perform best in the sunniest spot as well as having a well drained soil. Figs are perfectly ripe when they are at the point of falling apart. Once they fall off, they don't ripen much more so make sure you pick them at the proper time! They are super easy to maintain and are a true gourmet delight. You will never completely enjoy a fig until you grow it yourself. Also, deer leave them alone!

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Stacey from CA wrote on October 24, 2019

The first one I received was held up in shipping due to bad weather and agriculture inspection. When I opened it it was dried up and black. I called the very nice customer service people. They very quickly sent me a replacement that was so beautiful. Over a foot tall and full of large green leaves. I am very happy with this product.