Yellow Ribbons® Groundcover Rose

Yellow Ribbons® Groundcover Rose

Everblooming Groundcover!

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A splendid everblooming groundcover Rose from England, Yellow Ribbons® delights with its unusual deep yellow hues, abundance of blooms, and perpetually flowering nature. Expect it to cover the sunny garden floor -- or erupt from your best containers! -- all summer long, and possibly even longer in warm climates.

These double blooms open from charming pointed, ovoid buds and measure 2 inches across, releasing a subtle yet sweet scent. They arise in giant clusters all over shrubs just 18 inches high and about 20 inches wide, perfuming the garden and attracting butterflies and compliments with their hard-to-find color. Yellow is among the most difficult colors to breed in Roses, but this descendant of R. 'Sweet Magic' x R. 'Pathfinder' has it to spare!

Bred in Shropshire by master Rosarian Christopher H. Warner, Yellow Ribbons® is among the most floriferous groundcover Roses we have ever seen.

Quite happy in the heat and humidity of our American summers, Yellow Ribbons® is hardy through zone 10. Find a sunny spot for this treasure and begin enjoying its bounty of gold this summer! Zones 5-10.