Yellow Spider Lily

Yellow Spider Lily

The Biggest and Boldest Spider of All!

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In late summer or early fall, just when the garden is in that awkward "in between seasons" stage, thick straight stalks shoot out of the ground, and within a short time big, slender-petaled, rounded golden-yellow blooms are decorating the sunny garden! Yellow Spider Lily is the largest and boldest of all the Spiders, earning its nickname of Surprise Lily every year as it makes its unexpected appearance!

Very, very easy to grow from a bulb, Yellow Spider Lily sends up flowering stems 18 to 24 inches high, each with a bouquet of golden-yellow blooms. The petals are long, slender, and slightly ruffled at the edges, surrounding a bouquet of long yellow filaments. The flower as a whole is rounded, and it arises as part of a big cluster that somewhat resembles an Azalea's. To say they are breathtaking is to understate it!

Yellow Spider Lily is great for cutting, and lasts a good while in the vase. But it may be hard to part with these flowers in the autumn garden! The foliage is groundhugging, and arises with the blooms, remaining through winter only to die back again in mid-spring as the plant enters its summer dormancy. By the time you have forgotten exactly where it was, it will pop into bloom again!

All that Yellow Spider Lily asks is full sunshine and well-drained soil. It doesn't mind dry conditions, but needs moisture during the growth period to continue storing nutrients for next year's performance. Long-lived and easy, it's one of the best features of the fall garden! Zones 7-10.