Yucca Blue Boy

Yucca 'Blue Boy'

Magnificent Purple Tones Year-round!

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(Also known as Yucca aloifolia 'Purpurea')

Spectacular dusky purple foliage makes this succulent stand out year-round in the sunny garden! And that's even before the white blooms arise in summer, dangling dramatically on long, thin stems. Blue Boy is a treat your hot, thirsty garden deserves!

This long-lived, rather slow-growing perennial sets new leaves straight up from the center of the rosette-like stem (after time, it will grow several such stems). The new foliage is bright green, turning shades of maroon and icy white before settling into a deep purple. The foliage is very fleshy and firm, but not spiky.

Over time, Blue Boy will reach 4 to 6 feet high and up to 5 feet wide, with several stems. In most climates the stems will grow straight upwards, but they may also take a horizontal turn and meander a bit before turning upwards. No two Blue Boys will be identical, which is part of their great charm!

And in mid- to late summer, waxy white flowers will erupt from long, thick, pendulous stems in the center of the plant. Very showy, the blooms last for weeks, attracting pollinators and turning heads.

Blue Boy is very adaptable to differing conditions and climates, but thrives best in hot, dry climates. Humidity does not seem to be a problem, but the foliage color may vary with the weather. Deer and other nibblers steer clear of this perennial, and periods of drought will not faze it. Few perennials can make such claims! You will absolutely love Blue Boy. Find a special place in a sun-soaked area of the garden for this gem.

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Three plants for the price of one!
HAROLD G. FOX from CA wrote on June 27, 2019

Very excited about this Yucca. Not only did it survive shipping because Yucca's are hardy plants, but the pot that I received actually had three plants in it. I have moved them to three separate pots and after being in the sunlight for a week the true reddish and purple hues are starting to show. Great purchase. Can't wait for them to get full size.