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Zahara® Mix Zinnia Seeds

Zahara® Mix Zinnia Seeds

A bedding zinnia with big blooms and no mildew

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Here it is, the bedding zinnia of our dreams. The Zahara series introduced in 2009 immediately became famous for its resistance to mildew and leaf spot, its nonstop blooms, and its larger flower size. One of its colors, the lovely Starlight Rose, won a 2010 AAS award. And now this balanced mix of all the bright Zahara colors has come to charm us in the annual bed.

These blooms are fully 2½ inches wide, and there's more of them—they pop up all over super-compact plants, drawing bees and butterflies into the garden and absolutely wowing those hot, dry beds and water-starved containers. Single-flowered, they arise in brilliant shades of red, rose, pink, orange, yellow, and white.

Renowned for its ability to withstand heat, humidity, drought, and just about anything else, Zahara is the first bedding zinnia that can truly claim to be disease resistant. Mildew is a traditional enemy of the zinnia, but Zahara's got it licked. (Or should we say "dried".) Luckily, it's also very long-blooming, prepared to continue well into autumn as long as the hot weather holds. What a joy.

This is the annual you'll want along that baking-hot driveway or cement path, crowding against the house (whose walls reflect heat), and beautifying the patio (which never gets watered often enough). Just 12 to 18 inches high and wide, it can be planted a bit more closely than other bedding zinnias, again thanks to the mildew resistance. No need to worry about the foliage "touching".

Direct sow the seeds. When the soil has already warmed and spring is well underway, this plant will flower within 5 to 6 weeks of sowing. But if you want to get an earlier start, or if that hot April turns into a chilly May, no fear—Zahara will grow vigorously all the same, and simply wait for the warm weather before blooming. Why can't all plants be this cooperative?

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My Go-To Zinnia in South Carolina
Carolyn S. from SC wrote on January 29, 2019

I've tried many different Zinnias in the past few years, and I keep coming back to this Zahara Mix. Germination has been close to 100% using the Park's Bio-Dome. Strong healthy plants just covered with flowers! I don't bother pinching off spent blooms, I leave them so that the goldfinches can harvest the seeds. Even so, the blooms just keep on coming. Nice compact, rounded plant habit. These don't tip over or need support of any kind. My main reason for planting Zinnias is to attract butterflies. I get them in abundance! These plants flower until hard frost, so there is nectar available for the late-season butterflies. Hummingbirds like them, too. All that and they make a great bedding plant, plus they perform well in my raised beds and containers. They thrive under the super-hot west facing sun that bounces off my house, and also the areas with 3-4 hours of direct light. I can think of nothing negative to say about this variety. I wish I could purchase the colors separately.