Zebra Cactus Trio in Ascending Votives

Zebra Cactus Trio in Ascending Votives

A Merry Trio for Carefree Beauty!

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The secret weapon in your gift-giving and decorating arsenal may just become this trio of charming little succulents!

Haworthia, or Zebra Cactus, is a petite, beautifully variegated succulent from South Africa. Slow-growing, it will only reach about 6 inches high after many years. Every leaf points straight up and boasts neat little white stripes. It's the perfect houseplant for a windowsill, office cubicle, or dining room table centerpiece. And with this set, you get 3 Zebra Cacti, each planted in a different colored, different sized pot!

All 3 pots are 3 inches wide and long, with the black one standing 5 inches high, the gray 6 inches, and the white 7 inches. The Zebra plants within are just a few inches high and wide, already well established in their potting mix and growing nicely. This is a gift that's ready to show off the minute you take it out of the shipping box!

Of course, you may choose to have the Zebra Trio delivered to yourself, in which case you can keep these charming houseplants on hand for dinner parties, gift exchanges, impulse presents, and more. Separately or together, they are simply delightful, and are always most welcome even by non-gardeners, because of their ease of use. No pruning, repotting, or pampering needed! The Zebra Trio are the perfect gift!

Box Dimensions: 9" x 9" x 9"