Annabelle Hydrangea

Annabelle Hydrangea

Big Snowy Blooms A Full 12 Inches Across!

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For years Annabelle has been considered one of the most beloved native shrubs for American gardens. Its huge foot-long "snowballs" of soft winter white begin in early summer and increase in size until mid- and late summer, creating a spectacular look in any garden spot.

Reaching about 4 feet high and wide, Annabelle complements all its garden neighbors, never gets out of hand, and thrives in shade yet tolerates a good deal of heat and humidity. Very easy to grow and quick to establish, it defines "trouble free"!

Superb for fresh and dried arrangements, these blooms are wonderfully long-lasting in the vase and the garden. Annabelle is a native species, so it's cold-hardier than many other Hydrangeas, surviving rough winters as far north as zone 4, yet also content in the sweltering summers of zone 9. All it needs is plenty of moisture and, especially in the south and west, a bit of afternoon shade.

Long-lived and majestic, Annabelle may become your very favorite shrub in the garden. Get started this season and begin enjoying massive blooms by the dozen for years to come! Zones 4-9.